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12 Best Male Pumps According To Experts

We've compiled a list of the 12 Best Male Pumps According To Experts - May 2024. We put them through their paces to bring you this list of the best on the market.
# 12 Doc Johnson - $35.97

Doc Johnson Mega Cock Penis Pump By Doc Johnson

What came before The Big Wang? The frantic pumping of a hand-bulb, we'd wager. Doc Johnson's realistic penis pump features an authentic shape that follows the frame of your dong, reducing excess air in the chamber for increased pressure and better gains.

# 11 California Exotic - $19.95

Universal Replacement Penis Pump Sleeve By California Exotic

Embrace the old wartime philosophy and make do and mend with this penis pump sleeve. A well-fitting sleeve is vital for getting that chamber airtight and pressurised, so keep your pump in peak condition by replacing yours when required.

# 10 Lovehoney - $59.95

Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump By Lovehoney

Knee-knocking, stallionesque schlong sizing awaits with the Lovehoney Pumped Up penis pump, a boner-ballooning quick-fix that could easily engorge your main vein. The chance of bigger, stronger and more sensitive erections? Sounds swell!

# 9 Lovehoney BASICS - $39.95

BASICS Textured Penis Pump 7.5 Inches By Lovehoney BASICS

Bin the gym workouts and switch to regular penis pump workouts instead. Way more fun! Simple and super-effective, this pump draws extra blood into your erection and can help make it bigger, stronger and more sensitive, for mind-blowing pleasure.

# 8 Thrust - $99.95

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vagina Automatic Pump By Thrust

Turbo charge your todger with the Thrust Pro Tech Automatic Pump, which features a realistic vaginal entry for extra lifelike pleasure. Simply relax as the automatic motor creates a suction sensation that may lead to bigger, stronger erections.

# 7 Bathmate - $179.95

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Blue 5-7 Inches By Bathmate

Aim for the big time with the Bathmate HYDROMAX7. The hydraulic penis pump uses water rather than air pressure which can assist potential penile engorgement, and features 35% more suction power than the Bathmate HYDRO7 model.

# 6 Lovehoney - $49.97

Lovehoney Solo Pleasure Male Sex Toy Kit (7 Piece) By Lovehoney

Be the master of your own pleasure with this 7 piece male sex toy kit, packed with everything you need to experience amped up solo – or couple's – satisfaction. From pumping, to stroking, to gently squeezing, the V.I.Penis treatment is yours.

# 5 Lovehoney - $74.95

Lovehoney Ultimate Performance Male Sex Toy Kit (4 Piece) By Lovehoney

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can knock out an offhand orgasm but it's a true connoisseur who chooses to explore and refine their pleasure. Lead a voyage of discovery with this butt plug, cock ring, masturbator and penis pump set to uncover fresh new sensations.

# 4 Edge - $134.95

Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump By Edge

The Tracey Cox EDGE penis pump could help to improve your erections and boost your sexual stamina. Lie back and let it do the work while you enjoy increased blood flow to your penis that may help to enlarge your erections by up to 30%.

# 3 Lovehoney BASICS - $39.95

BASICS Classic Penis Pump 7.5 Inches By Lovehoney BASICS

Give your wang an essential workout with the BASICS Classic Penis Pump. So simple to use and super-effective, place your penis in the pump and watch as the vacuum draws blood into your erection which may make it bigger and stronger for longer.

# 2 Lovehoney BASICS - $49.95

BASICS Trigger Penis Pump 8.5 Inches By Lovehoney BASICS

Pump up your penile performance with the BASICS Trigger Penis Pump. Easy to use and effective with regular use, slide your penis into the pumping chamber and watch the vacuum draw blood into your erection, which may make it bigger and stronger for longer.

# 1 Edge - $64.95

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump By Edge

You could improve your erectile health and your sexual performance with this beginner's penis pump from Tracey Cox. Simple to use with a hand pump and transparent cylinder, you can easily watch your progress and see your penis grow!

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